Harbour Island Force Main Replacement Design-Build Project | Project Updates
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Project Updates

Harbour Island Force Main Replacement Design-Build Project

2021 4th Quarter Update

(October – December 2021)

  • Completed Secant Piling for Microtunnel launch and receiving shafts.
  • Completed excavation of Microtunnel launch shaft.
  • Installed section of Forcemain piping from Morgan St into Cotanchobee Park.
  • Preparation for installation of Microtunnel boring machine at launch shaft.
  • Completed two 605 Ft. Microtunnels under Port Tampa Bay entrance, including installation of carrier piping.
  • Completed Forcemain and Reclaim piping through Port Tampa Bay, up to entrance.

2022 1st Quarter updates

  • Completed excavation, micropiling, and tremie slab for the microtunnel receiving shaft.
  • Completed micropiling and tremie slab for the microtunnel launch shaft.
  • Completed receiving and staging of launch shaft equipment for the microtunnels.
  • Awaiting delivery of microtunnel boring machine.
  • Completed force main and reclaim connections for the dual microtunnels at the port entrance.
  • Completed over 1100ft of pipe for force main and reclaim systems from the port entrance to Oceanview Place.
  • Completed and tested reclaim system.
  • Completed pressure testing for over 8400ft of force main.

2022 2nd Quarter Update

(April – June 2022)

  • Installed safety barriers and handrails around both Launch & Receiving Shafts
  • Performing grout injections @ Launch shaft
  • Form and pour levelling slab @ Launch Shaft
  • Form & pour runway for tunnel launch @ Launch Shaft
  • Form & pour thrust wall and entry seal headwall @ Launch Shaft
  • Install slurry, bentonite, dewatering and vent lines @ Launch shaft
  • Installed safety access ladder in Launch Shaft
  • Setup jacking frame & miscellaneous equipment @ Launch Shaft
  • Continue MT casing procurement
  • Expanded laydown yard @ Launch Shaft
  • Performed mock retrieval with local Tampa Fire & Rescue @ Launch Shaft
  • Received & initiated setup of slurry separation plant
  • Received bentonite mixing / lubrication plant
  • Cleanup shaft internal periphery at Receiving Shaft
  • Final inspection of Receiving Shaft
  • Completed 803 Lft Forcemain system from west side of Oceanview Jack & Bore to King Rd
  • Installed additional monitoring wells and compiling additional geotech data @ Oceanview jack & bore
  • Awaiting re-issue of jack & bore permit at Oceanview RR crossing
  • Restoration of Forcemain & Reclaim System construction easement and surrounding areas of Glover property